Data handling.

A computer without data is like an aquarium without fish.

How we can help.

Computers handle data, that's what they do. Data needs to be easily accessible and shareable, but only among authorized people. They need to be up-to-date and protected from any sort of unwanted intrusion.

Backup and restore

Forget about all those usb drives which go lost or fall and brake. How safe is your backup in the cloud and how long will it take to restore data from the cloud in case of disaster ?
2A Solve can show you better and more efficient solutions.


Build your own personal cloud and be always in control of your precious data

Authorization policy

Define who can have access to what. Read only or full access. For internal employees or worlwide users.


Ever considered what if a computer is stolen ? All data are on the disk and can be easily accessed, regardless of the fact the computer is password protected. The same is true when you want to dispose of a computer. 2A Solve can also help to protect in case of theft and when your computer reaches its end of life

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